Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. PRESENTS

36th Annual Steppin' Out®

August 5-6, 2016. Steppin' Out is a "Rain or Shine" event!

Festival Hours

Friday August 5: 10am-11pm Community Connections closes at 8pm and other vendors close at 10pm. The Main Stage continues until 11pm.
Saturday August 6: 10am-10pm Community Connections closes at 8pm; all else at 10pm.

Steppin' Out, August 5-6, 2016

Steppin' Out features over 250 artists and crafts people from around the United States selling unique handcrafted items – jewelry, pottery, textiles, metal work, basketry, stained & fused glass, yard art, fine art, furniture, toys, artisan foods and so much more!

Downtown Blacksburg merchants also hold their much-awaited final clearance sidewalk sales during Steppin' Out. And those festival foods you love are provided by downtown restaurants.

Admission is free! Town of Blacksburg metered parking is all free and Blacksburg Transit provides free shuttles to get you there without the hassles. Bring your friends! Bring your family!

But please don't bring your pets. Steppin' Out gets crowded so leave your dog in the Canine Corral on the Henderson Lawn on College Ave. For the safety and comfort of our festival guests, Steppin' Out does not allow dogs (except for service dogs).

We're Virginia Green!

Steppin' Out has achieved Virginia Green status, with our recycling, efforts to reduce packaging, encouraging mass-transit and more. Details here.

2016 T-Shirt Design Competition

Download the application to get started, for a chance at the $500 prize. Deadline for your concept sketch is December 11, 2015. 

2015 T-Shirts

The 2015 Steppin' Out T-shirts T-shirts will be available at Heavener Hardware, Mish Mish, Fringe Benefit and Uncommonly Gifted before the festival and at the Steppin' Out t-shirt Booth on College Avenue across from the Lyric during the festival.

You can order one now online at!

Design by Maya Renfro

"I have been visiting Blacksburg since I was very young in order to see family so I have always been fond of this area. I ended up living there from 2008-2012 and in that time I grew even more attached to this communal and warmth-driven town that consistently creates its own fun. While I now live in Round Hill, VA with my boyfriend and artistic companion Jared Hall Garland, we still end up visiting Blacksburg about once a month in order to perform in our band Atoka Chase or just to visit all of our dear friends that live here. I play fiddle, guitar, and sing in the group while Jared stomps on his homemade suitcase drum and sings alongside his janky banjo that was handed down to him from my father. My mother and father actually met while clogging in Blacksburg and I am fairly certain that he purchased that banjo when Steppin' Out was still Deadwood Days!

"At the moment I work at Catoctin Creek Distilling Company bottling whiskey (which is more fun than work), as a substitute teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools, and as a delivery woman for Cabinet Showplace. With our rather hectic musician's lifestyle I have to juggle multiple jobs in order to stay afloat. Between these jobs I also do freelance work as a designer and illustrator of apparel, logos, album artwork, promotional fliers, labels, packaging, and books. Hopefully one day I can be an artist and a musician full-time! At this very moment I am working on designs for both Rock the Blocks Festival and Fracktose Intolerant Fest which will be occurring in and around Blacksburg very soon. If you're interested in looking out for my artwork you may see it on some more shirts and fliers correlated to those festivals!"


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